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A trading bot that will help you to buy / sell and manage your account

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Some of the best features

Built-in strategy

Haven't had a strategy in mind yet? The bot is included with a pre-made strategy (85% success rate), you don't need to have any knowledge in trading to use

Cross platform

Whether you use Windows, MacOS or Linux, you can use the bot

Scan on multiple pairs

The bot can scan simultaneously 200+ pairs at the same time in order to pick the right coin and time to jump in


Receive notifications whenever the bot buys / sells (via Telegram app)


Life time


  • Bot setup
  • Teamviewer support
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What Our Customers
Have to Say

nadaevo (Username)

Excellent seller. I had some issues installing the bot, but he went the extra mile to help me through the process and even with the VPS. Have not ran the bot long enough to make a review on how it is yet. Very excited to see the results.

santilord (Username)

Hi everyone, I truly recommend on buying this bot, i been using it for the last 4 days and its giving the results i expected. Also it’s helping me to learn more about trading and haw it works. The seller its the absolute best, he helped me with the set up of the bot and with the vps server using teamviewer. In less than 45 minutes i was ready to go. If you have the bot on an vps it will be scaning all day long to find the best opportunities. In my 4 days of usage it had made around 6 succesfull transactions and no losses. I really wanted to make a review on a month of owning the bot, so i could tell you more about results, thanks.

excel_hero (Username)

The seller went above and beyond to help me install the bot, even gave some remote help to install and troubleshoot on my VPS. Had my first two successful trades in the first 48h running, absolutely recommend!

yutakimori (Username)

Seller is highly skillful, fast and professional in the installation of bot. He knows in and out of the system. There was a bit glitch initially since I didn't have it installed in VPS environment. The moment it worked, I was so thrilled to see trades notified through my telegram. I'm just waiting for the results in the next few weeks / months. Overall great value for the price! Thank you so much Seller!


So in order to get started, you need an exchange's account (Binance / Bittrex or Kucoin), and a little of BTC in there (the bot will use this BTC to trade)
Right now, it works on Binance, Bittrex, and Kucoin exchange
Yes, it will open a local web sever and run on your PC
Basically, the minimum investment relates to the exchange itself. The bot is just a tool that connects and works on top of the exchange. Like for example, Binance requires you to have at least 0.001 BTC per trade right -> then you should have that amount to use the bot too
No, you cannot. This is for personal use only
This is just my previous trading history in the past so I can't guarantee this % number in the future because you know, the market is always changing. There are too many factors can affect this number
Yes, in that case, you need a VPS and install the bot on there. Eg: Linux VPS: Linux VPS
You can try Coinbase to buy BTC: Here

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