Welcome everyone, today I will show you how to run the Ultimate Bot on a VPS. For those who don’t know what a VPS is

A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system (OS), and customers may have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS


I. Getting a VPS

Basically, with VPS, you don’t need to turn on your PC 24/7 to run the bot. You can choose any VPS provider, it will work just fine. In this article, I will use Virmach Linux VPS because it is affordable and that is enough for the bot. If you are not familiar with Linux, you can use Windows VPS instead. It’s almost like using your own PC.

You should choose the $ 2.5 package


Choose Ubuntu 16 since it’s easier to use

After registration, Virmach will send you a confirmation email, including the IP address of your VPS and the root password. You save this information for the next step


II. Upload the bot to the VPS

Ok, now it will be the hardest part of the article as you will be working with the terminal console. Don’t sweat it, I will guide you though.

First, just download the Putty and WinSCP software and install them as usual. Then, just open Putty, the program’s interface will look like the following:

Enter the VPS’s IP address and click open, then enter “root” as the username and the password. Note: because it is sensitive information, when entering the password, it will be black. Here is the tricky part, to paste, click the right mouse button. The text from the clipboard will be pasted into the Putty terminal window (you simply won’t see any text, but it’s there)

Next, once logged in, type the following command and press enter

apt update && apt install screen unzip

Then type this command


Now, open the other program: WinSCP, we will upload the bot’s file to this server. Drag n Drop the zip file “delivery” from the left panel to the right panel.

After uploaded, flip back to Putty and type the command:

unzip ./delivery.zip && cd delivery/bot && chmod +x ./ultimate-bot-linux && ./ultimate-bot-linux

Now the bot is starting up and you can access it via http//:VPS-IP:3000. You can close the Putty program now.

In case you use Windows VPS, you can use: Remote Desktop Connection -> Upload the file to a cloud storage like Google Drive -> Then install it as usual


III. Appendix: How to check your bot is up and running correctly?

You can open Putty, then type

screen -r

It will resume the last session so you can see the running process in the background. In case somehow your VPS is crash and you want to start the bot again. Just type this command:

screen -r && cd delivery/bot && ./ultimate-bot-linux

You can read this article for more detail: https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-use-linux-screen